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Standing up to scrutiny – behind the scenes in the run-up to Subsea Expo

If you’ve been to Subsea Expo this week, you may have clocked Viewport3’s stand right at the front of the P&JLive arena. I’ll rephrase that – you will have clocked it. A masterclass in clean, precise and striking branding by FormDigital, its bold yellow and black colour-scheme and pared-back aesthetic is stroll-stopping.
Of course, there is so much more to exhibiting at an event like this than the stand – stunning though that is, it’s the tip of the iceberg. But what lies beneath the water…? (pun intended! ?)

Brand messaging
We started working with the Viewport3 team on project Subsea Expo around 6 months ago. The priority task was to identify and nail down the messaging for the stand. What would most resonate with their target market and encapsulate the essence of who they are and what they do?

“Challenge Accepted. Reliability Assured.”
The key messages? Viewport3 specialise in the challenging jobs, the difficult to access locations, but despite these obstacles they guarantee the accuracy, and therefore the reliability of the data they provide to clients.
This messaging informed key elements of the design of the stand, as well as the development of marketing collateral to be issued in the run-up to the event.

Subsea Expo Awards
Viewport3 were short-listed and went on to win the Cross-sector Diversification category in the Subsea Expo awards, after we supported them in writing their submission. ??

We garnered editorial coverage in membership publications, Global Energy Hub magazine, and OGV Energy magazine, which are distributed electronically and via printed copies at the event.

Case studies
Given the increase in traffic to the website, we wanted to ensure it was as up-to-date as possible, and showcased Viewport3’s recent workload to the best advantage. With that in mind we wrote two new case studies for their website: Viewport3 Ltd – Reactive Subsea Scanning

Organic social media campaign
Liaising closely with the Viewport3 team, we planned, wrote and posted a series of organic social posts in the run-up to Subsea Expo, and co-ordinated additional posting across the week of the exhibition to promote specific developments.

Sponsored LinkedIn campaign
We created a paid-for LinkedIn campaign in response to the brief from Viewport3. The campaign aligned with the brand messaging, and the presentation Richard delivered at a plenary session, and was targeted towards a very specific audience, with a CTA of driving traffic to read a case study on the Viewport3 website. 103 clicks on the case study page and counting….

Additional PR / marketing opportunities
We liaised with OGV Energy and GUH to organise for Viewport3 Director, Richard Drennan, to be filmed on the stand talking about Viewport3, and how their stand would help potential clients understand the value they add to projects. This content was pushed out across OGV Energy and GUH’s social media, increasing the reach of their brand and messaging further.

A sounding board!
Because our input (even insight! ?) was woven throughout the project, we frequently caught up with the team to discuss developments, explore ideas and tackle challenges. It was very much a team effort. Did heads butt? Yes. Was there cake involved? Yes. Were we all united in our desire to create a presence at Subsea Expo which would place Viewport3 front and centre in the headlights of their target market? Absolutely! ?

Co-Director and Founder of Viewport3, Chris Harvey said:

“Bold St have been an instrumental partner in helping us develop, grow and get the right messages out into industry. Having worked closely with us for a number of years, they understand us and our business. Oh yes, and they’re awesome!”

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