What we helped with

The client

Salus Technical is a process safety software and consultancy firm which works with customers to help them understand and manage the risks of major accidents. Ultimately, their goal is to increase the competencies of individuals, teams, and organisations, fostering a culture of continuous safety improvement across high-hazard industries.


The brief

Salus Technical wrote and published a potentially life-saving guidance document based on research into non-compliance letters sent to offshore duty holders by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Through a Freedom of Information request, the Salus Technical team obtained and analysed 147 non-compliance letters with the aim of identifying patterns and recommending changes that could prevent future incidents. The final report into their findings and recommendations was published and distributed – free-of-charge – across the energy industry. Bold St Media was responsible for the launch of the document in January 2023, to ensure it gained maximum exposure across Salus Technical’s target markets in high hazard industries.


The work

In the initial stages of creating the guidance document, we input to the process through proofreading the copy and collaborating on the design of the the document to fulfil Salus Technical’s vision.

Once the document was finalised, we worked with Salus Technical’s Founder and Managing Director, David Jamieson, to film a promotional video as part of an omni-channel approach to reach his target audience. We drafted two scripts so that David could select which select style he was most comfortable with, and the video was shared extensively across social media.

The Salus Technical website required various changes in order to ensure that this potentially life-saving piece work was being showcased effectively and therefore, which we supported with.

In terms of media relations, not only did we write and issue a press release upon the launch of the document, but we also secured an interview between David Jamieson and the editor of Energy Voice, who was intrigued to learn more about Salus Technical’s extensive research and share the story with Energy Voice’s readers.

The press release was picked up extensively by national and international energy industry media outlets, as well as respected trade organisations.

Throughout the launch of the document and beyond, we supported Salus Technical with both paid and organic social media posts to encourage continual document downloads and ultimately, share insights to improve safety in high-hazard industries.


The impact

In the year following the launch of the document, Salus Technical secured three new clients which resulted in work to the value of £75,000. The document has been downloaded from the Salus Technical website thousands of times and read by an even larger audience, taking into account those who have been forwarded the document via email and those who have received a hard copy.

In February and March 2023 following the launch, traffic to the Salus Technical website peaked in comparison to any other month over the past two years, reaching 2.9k visitors during March.

David Jamieson advised that he was approached by energy industry operators as news of the document spread and has since been invited to participate in speaker opportunities, and to share insights and guidance at several industry events including the Step Change in Safety Face2Face Elected Safety Rep Event 2023, where David was the keynote speaker. He presented his findings from the offshore inspection letters in an Institution of Chemical Engineers (iChemE) webinar and has been approached with other opportunities from the Marine Safety Forum, OEUK and The Safety and Reliability Society.

David told us that since the launch of the guidance document, Salus Technical’s brand recognition has rocketed, with many senior industry professionals dubbing the document ‘The Salus Report’.

We believed that Salus Technical was an ideal fit for an Offshore Safety Award in the ‘Sharing and Learning’ category. Although David is very humble about his achievements, we convinced him to let us apply for the award on his behalf and he went on to become a deserving winner in the 2023 awards.

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