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Whether it’s a one off piece of work or a portfolio of items we deliver for a client, we always give it our all and make sure its something we can send off into the world with a big smile on our faces, knowing its ready to do its job for the brand.

We’d love to share some of our work with you…

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We love working with Bold St Media.  Since our first meeting with Eilidh and her team, we have been blown away by the energy and passion they have for all things PR and helping our business grow. 

When we started working with Bold St Media, we were definitely social media shy.  However, Bold St gave us the encouragement and confidence to take the plunge with developing and posting our own content which has seen our social media presence grow and numbers of company followers increase. 

We are now well established on LinkedIn, we have a YouTube channel and are dipping our toes into Instagram and even TikTok…

Our bi-monthly client newsletter is up and running and Bold St’s knowledge and connections with the media is also second to none.  We have seen some of our HR thought leadership articles published in the printed press – The Scotsman, P&J, Scottish Business Insider which has given our business fantastic visibility and has raised the bar for us going forward.

When we launched our brand new leadership development programme L3 Life long Leadership Skills, again, Bold St provided useful advice and guidance on marketing the programme and helping it reach our target audience.

Eilidh and her team are PR professionals, experts in their field and great fun to work with.  Thanks Bold St for all your help so far, we look forward to seeing what we can achieve this year…"

Alison Paton, Founder, Align People HR

As a start-up company we recognised the importance of early engagement with a Marketing and PR Agency and selected Bold St as our Agency of choice. We see Bold St as an extension of our business and without their valuable insight and advice wouldn’t be in our current position. The media coverage we have received has prompted a huge increase in engagement on our social channels and our website and has contributed to raising awareness of our product, aims and objectives ahead of launching our product to market.

We look forward to continuing our journey to market with the valuable contribution of Team Bold St!

Yvonne Walker, Business Operations Manager, Recycl8

“We worked closely with them, as well as engaging with industry stakeholders, to craft a tone of voice that very much resonated with our markets. This yielded a huge increase in engagement for us, which has definitely been the most significant impact of our relationship with Bold St Media.
What’s more the increased exposure across a variety of channels has been great for SEM – we have been approached by many new contacts outwith our typical (and ever-growing) networks. As a result of the publicity Bold St has generated in both existing and new markets, we have been able to take advantage of new opportunities, supporting our international growth across several industry sectors.”

Grant Leslie, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer , SEM

Bold St Media have provided invaluable PR support to our company. The main impact has been a greater awareness of who we are, where we are and what we do. The team have always been friendly, approachable, professional and have secured excellent local and national newspaper coverage. It has been great to get the publicity we have gained to date. We can highly recommend their services and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Bold St Media in 2020 reaching clients far and wide.

Nicola Alexander, Managing Director, Bethan Customs Consultancy

“The Deeside Local Food Festival was delighted by the PR service provided by Bold St Media. Eilidh and Pauline worked closely with us to fully understand our event, provided advice and wrote some excellent press releases that resulted in coverage of the festival both locally and nationally. It was essential for us to find a PR partner that could work to our timescales, was flexible, pleasant to work with and responsive to our needs. Bold St Media was an ideal partner and we look forward to working with them again on next year's event.”

Rachel Gambro, Festival Organiser, The Mixing Bowl, Deeside Local Food Festival

We've been extremely happy with the work Bold St have done for us, keeping us visible and ensuring consistency of message. Great fun to work with!

Richard Drennan, Director, Viewport 3