“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Even some 400 years ago, as Juliet was trying to convince herself that her love for Romeo was not doomed, Shakespeare understood that a name is so much more than a collection of syllables. A name – or by extension, a brand – is our calling card in the world. It succinctly, and often, subconsciously, conveys who we are, what we believe, how we behave, and the values we stand for.

When Eilidh set up her PR and marketing consultancy in 2016, there was no debate in her mind about naming her business. Bold St is one of Liverpool’s most iconic thoroughfares. It’s what Greenwich Village is to New York, Soho to London – a thrumming hub of passionate and idealistic creatives. Eilidh cut her PR teeth with a consultancy in Liverpool and the whole experience had a profound impact on her. The firm she worked with embodied everything Eilidh aspires to in her own business: integrity, enthusiasm, a strong work-ethic, a commitment to excellence, and all rolled out with her signature warmth and engaging persona.

Since then, Bold St Media has gone from strength to strength, building up an exciting and eclectic client list, working with a host of talented collaborators, not to mention expanding the team. It was time, Eilidh felt, for an overhaul of the Bold St brand. We needed a new overarching concept to carry across all marketing collateral, as well as social media, and a new vibrant, dynamic website. One that would be redolent of our passion for helping brands to tell their stories and engage with their target audience.

The visual brand would be the catalyst, the spark that would ignite everything else. Co-Director of graphic design agency, Form Digital, the supremely talented Mark Gordon, instantly ‘got’ Eilidh, and everything she wanted to communicate.

Taking his inspiration from the real Bold St, Mark developed a striking, bold new visual identity for the brand. He said, “Launching her career in Liverpool and her walk up Bold St each day to the agency she worked at was clearly a turning-point for Eilidh, so that was the obvious starting-point for me. The real Bold St in Liverpool is a vibrant, eclectic and exciting area of the city, synonymous with creative energy, and I wanted to reflect that in the firm’s branding.”

The Bold St logo harnesses the instantly recognisable font and iconography of street signs. “A street sign is a cultural message,” he explains. “So the font works on two levels: one of culture and the other of branding. It’s a multi-faceted approach, designed to be memorable by tapping into the visual language that’s embedded in our culture.”

Thinking more laterally about streets, and the elements we associate with these, Mark pulled in street art and graffiti as a way of communicating Bold St Media’s ethos – helping brands to cut through the noise. Streets are typically busy, noisy places, with so many competing demands on our senses. Not only is it overwhelming, it also makes it difficult to engage with individual messages. That’s where the team at Bold St Media come in – we know it’s a crowded market-place out there, but we can help clients to cut through that noise, engage with their audience and make a real impact.

Mark adds: “Just as the street artists who enliven our streets with their striking and colourful creations, are telling a story in their own inimitable fashion, so too are Bold St. They are story-tellers, telling your business’ brand story in your voice, to your audience.”

The end result? We are now the proud owners of a gallery of business cards, each showcasing the most sensational contemporary street-art featuring iconic figures from popular culture. Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, Dr Seuss – they’re all there. They are as far from stereotypical, boring business cards as it’s possible to be!

We have a logo that is cool and understated, but also practical and flexible. Mark was also keen for us to have the option of evolving the brand –we can change elements of the logo without substantially altering the essence of the brand.

We have a website that truly reflects who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Job done? Not quite. The creative powerhouses that are Eilidh and Mark wanted to launch the new brand in style, really bring it to life in all its colourful, exhilarating glory. So that’s what we did. With the help of street artist Katie Guthrie from KMG and in-demand photographer, Grant Anderson, we brushed up on our spray-painting skills to create a triptych of street art boards, complete with our signature tags. All the while, Megan Milne of Xana Creative, was filming our efforts as part of a new social media campaign to roll out the new brand. With her natural flair for conveying a brand’s essence across all social platforms, she has been absolutely smashing it.

Grant describes how the project evolved: “Working alongside the Form, KMG, Xana Creative and Bold St teams for the street art workshop for Bold St was a really great experience. It was my first time pitching an idea this big as an alternative to a corporate style headshot shoot.

“In the lead-up to the shoot I had visited Bold St in Liverpool on another street art related job. After chatting to Eilidh I felt like I had a sound understanding of her story and the brand. I started to think about how I could incorporate some of my experience from the shoot in the upcoming imagery for Bold St, and the tag line ‘cutting through the noise’ really stood out for me.

“I planned a street art workshop / collage approach where the Bold St team learned to use spray paint, then peeled off the surface they had painted over to reveal some clean untouched imagery and logos that translated their brand message. I think it worked well, and we then used their original artworks as a backdrop for their headshots.”

Katie added: “This was a complete first for me, and I was thrilled with the outcome. The Bold St team really entered into the spirit of it all. They threw themselves into learning new skills and trying out a new medium – it was great fun, and the works they produced looked fantastic. An exciting project to be involved with!”

So, is Bold St’s new brand cutting through the noise? The word on the street is a resounding yes.

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