Who we are

Bold St Media is all about taking what we know and love about traditional PR and building on it.

We work hard, we love what we do, and we believe in being nice to people. Embracing new and exciting tools and approaches that interest and engage your audience and connect you with them. We deal in everything that makes up your reputation, your brand.

We love coming up with ideas, but equally we know how to deliver them.

It’s not enough to just make your brand stand out. Your brand needs to mean something to people. We’re a small agency by choice. It’s something we’re proud of. It means we’re nimble and able to adapt to different businesses, challenges and our ever-changing industry.

We also want you to know us and feel like we’re part of your team, there with you on your journey.

Our story

Where did the Bold St Media name come from?

It’s a question our Founder and MD Eilidh is asked frequently and lights up at the opportunity to tell our very own story.

Bold St, a street in Liverpool is where it all began, PR-wise for Eilidh. The street she would walk up every day to her first job in PR back in 2005 and where her passion for all things brand was sparked. Liverpool – the vibrancy, creativity, passion and friendliness of that city is rooted deeply in the core of everything we believe in and want to deliver for our clients, so it was extremely fitting to name our agency after the street.

The Team

Eilidh McCluskie

Founder & Managing Director

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Pauline Smith

Account Manager

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Natisha Burnett

Account Executive

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